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        Computer service subscriptions offer

                TV SOFT Company launches a promotional offer with rates starting from 5.5 €/PC, specifically designed for small and medium business. Also, our specialist's advice could help you make the most suitable choise for your company needs when new IT equipment and software are required.

Subscription type Number of trips/per year Number of hours included/per year Number of units included Price/per unit monthly*
1 5 15 1-5 5.5 €
2 10 35 6-12 5 €
3 17 45 13-25 4,5 €
4 25 unlimited 26-40 4 €
5 30 unlimited >41 negotiable
* Prices are in EURO currency, no VAT included.

     Offers and demos for software are free, as well as any other information related with our products and services.

     All subscriptions include:

             Computer networks design and implementation;
             Structured cabling for data networks;
             Modernization of existing networks;
             Internet connection configuration and security;
             Servers install and configuration, with operation system and work stations;
             Data back-up and recovery;
             Computers and networks service, upgrade;
             Technical support (stipulated in the contract) - recommended;
             Technical support on request;
             Technical support (stipulated in the contract) - recommended;
             IT advice for equipments and services purchase.

     This offer is for your information. Our company reserve the right to modify it (changes will be immediately submitted on this website).

     Ussual criteria to establish the price for an IT subscription
     The price for an IT subscription is calculated considering each client needs. The price is influenced by many factors:
              The maximum time of response;
              Number of work stations and the operating system installed;
              Number of servers and the operating system installed;
              Monthly number of hours assigned (regular visits + interventions on request);
              Number of equipments connected to the network (switches, routers, etc)

     Advantages for an IT subscription:
             Your IT equipments will function well and for a longer time;
             Free software and hardware advice;
             Technical assistance avia phone, e-mail, instant message;
             Data preservation with a well structured automatic back-up system (if the option is for a server included sollution);
             Fast response to yout requests.

     With an IT subscription, your company will be protected against unpredicted situation, that can cause serious problems to the usual activity and, possily, to your business (ex. data losses).

     You don't have to worry for your IT equipments. We are ready to solve all your problems.

     Call us now!!!

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