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Financial - accounting software

On line software

Computer service

Accounting - Stock management - Stocks


          Accounting for more companies, network and user rights for each user
          Invoice system, receipts, compatible UE notices
          Automatic numbers for standard documents
          Chargeback accounting notes
          Commerce, distribution, retail, export, production, services
          Doc: Doc: reception, delivery, transfer, consumption, notice, invoice, bill
          Standard documents
          Production recipes (specific consumption for production)
          Automatic consumption of materials
          Documents counting
          Synoptic sheets with complex filter systems for stocks and stock reports
          Supply lists (critical buffer stocks)
          Tracing contracts by invoice
          Tracing production orders
          Tracing sales agents/ comparative situation
          Individual counting rules for every item
          Class 9 accounts (financial management accounting)
          Invoices issue, pro-form invoice and export

          Issue of warranty certificates (configurable) cf. invoice
          Counting rules checking before issuance
          Automatic break of the stock prices (FIFO,CMP)
          VAT intra - communitarian journals
          Half-year statement 394
          Unlimited number of analytic accounts
           Pre - definite accounting notes - unlimited number
          Automatic display of accounting notes (templates)
          Account fiche /analytics details and Ledger
          Operation journal (posibility to filter information)
          VAT journals - cote 0,9,19%quotation/periods
          Tracking balance of accounts
          Automatic closure of VAT, incomes and expenses accounts
           Descarcarea gestiunilor global valorice 371 pe cote de TVA
          Tracking invoices in estimates (currency evidence)
          Tracking cashing by sales agents or areas
          Improved reporting system, negative accounts balance detection

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