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Computer service

Computer, monitor, laptop troubleshooting*


    Components assemblage
        If you have purchased components for a new PC or for an existing PC, we offer you the necessary support to efficiently assemble these components.

    PC and components diagnose
        If you notice that you computer does not work at all or works, but with deficiencies, a diagnose of that PC is necessary. Usually, the malfunction regards one or many of the system components.

    Repair/replace defect components
        If it proves that one or many from your system components are malfunctioning, than their replacement is recommended. We offer you, in that case, a grate variety of new components. If the compatibility of the system requires a component that cannot be found at first hand (it's not produced any more) we can, with our client's approval, to search that component at the second hand distributors.

    Rewrite/update bios
        When BIOS problems occur or you have an older PC and this is unable to accomplish the hardware requests, rewrite or up to date BIOS can be a very appropriate solution.

    Install and configure external devices
        We can also help you to correctly install the external devices (printers, scanners, Xerox, web cameras, microphone, etc ).
        Our company can provide the client with exchange equipments, if the malfunction cannot be repaired at our client headquarters in time.

* For the moment, this service is available only in Iasi.


Service name Price
(RON, VAT included)
Travel to the client headquarters (the price listed applies only for Iasi city; outside the city, the price depends on the distance) 10
System assembly (if you buy the components from us, this service is free) 20/system
System diagnose and problems identification 0
Laptop diagnose and identify the problem 0
Dusting/cleaning 15/system
Components verification (CPU, main board, VGA, sound device, modem, hard disk, memory, power source, optic devices, floppy disk) 15/all components
Components, monitors, printers, scanners, xerox repair - free if you buy componentes and peripherial from our company price of the exchanged components
Exchange components, monitors, printers, scanners, Xerox (free assembly, if you buy componentes from our company) 5/component
Laptop repair (if you bay the components from us, the collation is free) 10/hour
Repairing any component, monitors, printers, scanners, Xerox with the clients substitutes 10/component


          In order to remediate technical problems easy to solve and to avoid delays in your company's activities, we provide on-line or e-mail technical support between 9-18 hours, free for our clients.
          If the malfunctions cannot be remediate on the spot, the repair will be made at our headquarters.
          For further details regarding prices of our services, please contact us by phone or e-mail.
          Maximum time of response from our part is 2 hours.
          We guarantee the confidentiality of our client's data, including the configuration of the systems that made the object of our interventions.

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