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Software and hardware services for external IT devices *


    Evaluation and diagnose
        There are various causes that can affect the well function of the external devices attached to your PC, starting with the correct installation of the device and finishing with some technical malfunctions. The right evaluation and diagnose of the malfunction is highly required in order to avoid further problems.

        Like all electronics, the external IT devices must be periodically dusted. Further more, this devices proves them selves more sensible and their well function can by seriously affected by the dust.

        It is highly recommended to be very careful with the consumables used for the external IT devices, because their quality can affect the life time of this devices. The fill-up for printers must be carefully made, this consumable being very sensible to the charge mechanism, to the ink used and to many other factors, witch recommends the use of the professional fill-up.

* For the moment, this service is available only in Iasi .


Service name Price
(RON, VAT included)
Travel to the client headquarters (the price listed applies only for Iasi city; outside the city, the price depends on the distance) 10
External device diagnose and identify problem 0
Dusting/cleaning 20
Drivers installation for external IT devices 5/per peripherial
Refill (intermediary) call!


          In order to remediate technical problems easy to resolve and to avoid delays in your company's activities, we provide on-line or e-mail technical support between 9-18 hours, free for our clients.
          If the malfunctions cannot be remediate on the spot, the repair will be made at our headquarters.
          For further details regarding prices of our services, please contact us by phone or e-mail.
          Maximum time of response from our part is 2 hours.
          We guarantee the confidentiality of our client's data, including the configuration of the systems that made the object of our interventions.

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