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Computer service

Software services for PC and laptops *


    Install and configure MS WINDOWS operating system
        In order to function, any system requires the installation an operating system, fit for the hardware configuration. The options consists in one of the Windows 9x versions (95, 98, 98 SE, Me) or Windows 2000, XP, Vista or for Linux operating system, also in various versions, for PC and servers.

    Install and configure component's drivers
        Any component from your system functions with an adequate driver witch must be installed after the operating system installation. All drivers must present compatibility with the operating system installed.

    Software application installation
        The system supports the installation of various software applications only if the installation process is correctly performed, passing trough every required stage for every application that you wan to run on your PC.

    Cleaning for viruses/Transfer and data recovery
        Unfortunately, every used system present the risk of virus infestation, especially trough the internet, although the absence of this one does not guarantee that your system will always be protected. The viruses can cause malfunctions not only to the software level, but also to the hardware level, sometimes causing some component failure. The process of virus cleaning means that all harmful programs must be removed from the operating system. But maybe more important that this process is the transfer and data recovery process, because every user has data saved on his computer.

    Configuration/testing e-mail/internet account
        For access the internet, a connection to an internet provider is required and, also, some settings, so that the link with the internet provider may work.

    Configure/testing networks
        To connect computers into a network means that the network must be physically created – cables, jacks, switch/routers, etc – but also that it has to be configured and optimized so that the transfer between work stations to be made totally safe and without quality loses.

* For the moment, this service is available only in Iasi .


Service name Price
(RON, VAT included)
Travel to the client headquarters (the price listed applies only for Iasi city; outside the city, the price depends on the distance) 10
Windows 9x (Win 95, Win 98, Win 98 SE, Win Millennium) installation 30
Windows 2000, XP (Home,Professional) installation 35
Linux installation – various versions 150
Linux configuration /router +firewall 50
GNU configuration /Linux Redhat or other versions 50
Linux configuration /server DNS 40
Linux configuration /server web hosting 70
Linux configuration / mail server 50
Linux configuration/e-mail account – price per account 5/account
Linux configuration/ftp server 50
Linux configuration/file server 100
Drivers installation – price per driver 5/driver
Software installation 20
Antivirus, Antispyware installation 10
Simple virus cleaning (antivirus) ) 15
Virus cleaning and data recovery 30
Data backup (on CD, DVD) 30/HDD
Data transfer HDD-HDD 10/1 GB
Data recovery from malfunctioning HDD 50-1500
Data recovery from memory stick (if possible) 50-1000
Data recovery from photo camera memory card, video camera 50-1000
Router/firewall configuration 60
Custom configurations call!

     The license for the software used on the PC is the client's responsibility!
          In order to remediate technical problems easy to resolve and to avoid delays in your company's activities, we provide on-line or e-mail technical support between 9-18 hours, free for our clients.
          If the malfunctions cannot be remediate on the spot, the repair will be made at our headquarters.
          For further details regarding prices of our services, please contact us by phone or e-mail.
          Maximum time of response from our part is 2 hours.
          We guarantee the confidentiality of our client's data, including the configuration of the systems that made the object of our interventions.

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