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Financial - accounting software

On line software

Computer service

Pawnshop management software


           Financial Management for more companies, network, user rights for each user
           Stocks, items, types of items
           Pawnshop current operations: adding new pawnshop contracts, pawnshop contract extension, pawnshop contract liquidation
           Detailed display operations for pawnshop contracts with complex search ways
           Special pawnshop operations ( password access on administrator level): pawnshop contract modification, pawnshop contract deleting, reception notes for expired contracts
          Stock operation for consignment merchandise, stock of products from expired contracts
          Automatic calculation of amounts (commission, payments), for contracts validity days, extensions, expired contracts
          Warranty differentiation for different stocks (ex: gold and electronics)
          Consignments outputs, consumption bills
          Cash Register - access to operations( modification, adding, deleting records) is made only with administrator level password
          Display and print cash register without password
          Reports-contract listing with complex filters and conditions
          Daily stock report - with inputs and outputs of the day, based on new and liquidated contracts
          Stock report for expired contracts
          Improved reporting system, negative accounts balance detection

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